Three combining two community systems together and would like to update with new branding

UX Review and recommendations on current systems. Create new look and feel within the limitations of the Lithium system.

Information Architect
UX Research/ Competitor Analysis
UI Design

When quantitive data doesn’t work?
The current forum had a huge amount of content in the wrong categories a “living room” section that was a legacy room created to have general chat. This category was the most popular as user couldn’t easily find the right category so add questions in general topic.
Watching users proved that finding information was difficult – users got distracted by different topics, didn’t find the answers, or created duplicate topics. This left user frustrated and ended with users ringing into care.

Workshop with care and stakeholders to realign two different parts of the business to one common goal.

Creating a better IA that clearly grouped FAQs into a Knowledgebase, Discussion section which kept the community feel, creating a latest news blog section gave us an opportunity to highlight the good news stories and keeping it away from adding noise to the knowledge base and question forum.

Content design was required to restructure the content to improve usability, SEO, and for future voice command services like Alexa and google home.
The section has a huge amount of valuable and also outdated content. Providing a simple step process of how to keep content relevant, and give customer service rules on moving forum questions into appropriate sections.

Design to give user quick links to bring them to appropriate section, better emphasis on the search feature, removing noise and adding more space.

Year 2019 (on hold)