Rebrand of 3Click a system for a business to manage and order new devices and sims.
Create service requests such as cancel number, activate SIM, Upgrade phones, and repair requests.

UX review and evaluation of the current system.
Improve user journeys across different levels, Employee, Managers, HR, and Admin

UX Research/Competitor Analysis
Interviews/Workshop Facilitator with current clients, account managers and stakeholders.
UI Design

Evaluate current pain points and future requirements for clients.
Create personas and user journeys.
Improve the information architecture.
Name change and rebrand to be inline with Three branding.

Define the product – The current system has a wide range of options each with its own issues. Clients had different functionality and some bespoke features.
Define Roles and Access – Three Account Manager, Company Admin, HR, Employee, Manager.

Improve user journeys
– Created and Employee onboarding which allows each employee to add their own details, pick phone/devices from a list based on their role or department. They can each track their phone and view their own account details.

– Removing labor-intensive jobs from Admin for new hires and phone approvals, allowing automatic reporting sent to managers and HR. Remove repetitive form filling by better information architecture.

– Easily configurable dashboards for user type to view the relevant information

– Three Account managers have better views over their clients so they can be are aware of any issues, or can easily track orders and service requests.

The biggest issue was trying to stop project creep. Create a good solid easy to use system, with reduced pain points, that additional functionality could be added to in future iterations.

Year 2019